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International Cooking Links
Aussie Cooking
Aussie Cooking was borne out of a frustration for finding recipes that suit Australians.
Old Aussie Recipes
Memories of yesteryear with delicious old Australian recipes and meals.
Azore Islands  
Azores Traditional Recipes
Great Recipes from the Azore Islands!
Maria's Cookbook 'Maria-Brazil'
Totally Yummy Brazilian Recipes!
Khmer Krom Recipes
Huge collection of Cambodian recipes with photos and music to cook by!
Canada Cooks
Great Canadian recipes submitted by parents from across Canada.
Caribbean Choice
Caribbean Recipes from the islands! A unique ethinic collection of foods blended with spices.
China Vista
Chinese cooking site featuring different regional styles.
Famous Dishes in Shanghai
155 traditional recipes with photos from Shanghai.
Very nicely done Cuban cooking site with a large recipe database.
Taste of Cuba
The largest collection of free Cuban recipes on the web for six years running.
Cypriot Cuisine a Taste of the Mediterranean
Recipes from North Cyprus complete with pictures!
Taste Cyprus
Large selection of traditional home cooked Cypriot recipes.
Czech Republic  
Eleanor's kitchen
About a dozen Czech and Slovak recipes, such as Polevka and Milosti.
Christian's Danish Recipes
A collection of over 600 Danish recipes.
Dominican Republic
A collection of Dominican recipes, the history and origins of Dominican cuisine, its ingredients and much more...
Helens British Cooking Site
Helen's web site reflects the rich tradition of British Cooking in its broadest sense!
The Great British Kitchen
Discovering the Pleasures of Taste!
Virtual Finland
Traditional Finnish recipes with photos at Virtual Finland.
Food from Finland
Food from Finland (3F) is the web site dedicated to Finnish food and food culture.
à la carte
The culinary ramblings, thoughts, comments, observations, and recipes of Francophile Peter Hertzmann
Marions Kochbuch
The English version of Marions German Cookbook.
Offering you only the best of what Greek food has to offer!
The complete guide to Greek Food and Greek Cuisine.
The Guyana Outpost
Recipes from Guyana and the Caribbean.
Hungarian Heirloom Recipes
June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipes Website with a selection recipes from her cookbook.
Hungarian Cuisine
Traditional Hungarian dishes with photos.
Jo's Icelandic Recipe Book
A Family Recipe Book and Cooking Page from Iceland!
The leading source of Indian cooking information on the Internet.
Indian Food Forever
Nice collection of Indian recipes with Indian cooking tips & other resources.
Merry's Kitchen
This site contains over 250 authentic favorite Indonesian recipes and some of them have pictures.
Iranian/Persian Recipes
Largest collection of Persian Recipes on the web.
Anna Maria's Open Kitchen
Classic Traditional Italian Recipes Illustrated Step-by-Step. If you like Italian food this site is for you!
Italian Food Forever
Comprehensive site relating to all aspects of Italian cuisine. Hundreds of traditional recipes & unique articles.
Jamaican Cooking
Mouthwatering Jamaican recipes from their team of Professional Jamaican Chefs.
Nice collection of authentic Jamaican recipes.
Bob and Angie's Kitchen
A very informative site showing you the art of Japanese cooking with photographs and detailed descriptions!
Japanese Mom's Table
Popular Japanese recipes that Japanese families eat at home.
My Korean Kitchen
Korean food blog with step by step Korean recipes, lots of great photos & recipe discussion.
Korean Cooking
Korean Cooking & Recipes blog with photos, a few videos and recipe discussions.
Lebmania Recipes
A great collection of recipes from Lebanon!
Recipes from Luxembourg
Typical Recipes from Luxembourg!
Recipes from Mauritius
The most versatile cuisine in the world!
Mexico Connect
A fantastic site featuring every aspect of Mexican Food and Cooking!
Mongolian Recipes
Culinary treats from the traditional cuisine of the nomads. Cook them in your home with detailed instructions & illustrations.
Myanmar (Burma)  
Burmese Recipes
A very nice collection of Burmese Recipes!
The title Hsa*ba means "please eat" and thats what you will want to do when you visit this nicely done site!
Creative Nepali Cooking with Tulsi Regmi
I think the name 'Creative Nepali Cooking with Tulsi Regmi' says it all!
Nepal Home Page
This is a portion of the Nepal Home Page that features about 75 Nepali Recipes!
Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes
This Extraordinary Taste Of Pakistan site has over 700 Delicious Pakistani Recipes with some nice photos.
Cooking with BJ
Award winning recipes submitted to
Large Collection of Pakistani Recipes with over 1000 Recipes.
My Grandma's Old World Polish Recipes
Treasured Old World Recipes from Poland!
The true aroma of Polish Food is here! Nice Collection of Polish Recipes with links to some of the finest quality polish foods.
A Romanian Cookbook
Thousands of top-notch Romanian recipes and lots of information on Romania. Make sure to read the stories about the life experiences of the author!
Russian Foods
A large commercial site with about 165 recipes. Most have descriptions with interesting facts about the history of that particular recipe!
Saudi Arabia
This quality site has all kinds of information on the Middle East. From news and weather thats updated on the hour to over 150 Arabic Recipes!
Large collection of traditional Scottish recipes.
Traditional Scottish Recipes
Nice collection of traditional Scottish recipes with photos.
The Best of Spain in America
Sri Lanka  
Recipes for Sri Lankan Delights
A small site with original recipes from Sri Lanka.
A Taste of Thai
Find all the ingredients and recipes to make your favorite Thai dishes.
Learn Thai Cooking @
Learn Thai cooking from the leading Thai food website.
The Netherlands  
Janneke's Recipe Pages
Lots of easy and tasty Dutch recipes.
Turkish Cuisine
Discover the Beauty and Secrets of Turkish food.
The Turkish Cookbook
Delicious healthy and easy to make Turkish recipes.
Vietnamese Recipes and Cuisine
Famous for its lively fresh flavors and artfully composed meals, Vietnamese food is the true 'light cuisine' of Asia
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