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Broas de Natal - Sweet Potato Bunns
Christmas Holiday Recipe from The Azores Islands!
1/2 kg. pureed sweet potato
1/2 kg. sugar
350 grs. sugar
skin of orange
100 grs. coconut
4 Tbls. bread crumbs
3 eggs
200 grs. flour
200 grs. corn flour
100 grs. almonds
1 beaten egg yolk


Cook sweet potatoes, after peeling then and reduce to a puree. Add to 500 grs. of sugar, take to the stove stirring constantly until boiling. When cool add the remaining sugar and all the ingredients except the beaten egg yolk. Take to the stove again and mix well.
When cold, shape into little buns almond shape, with the beaten egg yolk spread over them and place into the oven until golden brown.

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: Portugal
Submitted by:
Ana Taveira

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