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Baked Sweet White Loaded Mashed Potatoes
2 sweet and 2 white potatoes
sour cream
blended shredded cheeses
rehydrated minced onions (or fresh chives)
real bacon pieces (optional)


Wash and wrap 2 sweet potatoes and 2 white baking potatoes in foil and bake at 425 degrees F. for 50 minutes, or until tender. Remove skin of sweet potatoes, but leave on some skin of white potatoes, as desired.

Lightly mash potatoes in a mixing bowl, then mix in desired amounts of sour cream, blended shredded cheese, rehydrated minced onion (I think they are better than real onions in this recipe), or fresh chives (very delicious, as well), real bacon pieces (but not really necessary), generous amounts of butter, some milk, salt and pepper.

I do not have exact amounts for the ingredients, I just add them to my taste.

I like this recipe because it's farely easy to just bake the potatoes rather than having to boil them. Also, baking the sweet potatoes and adding them to the white potatoes and the other ingredients takes away the sweet flavor, which I'm not too fond of. The sweet potatoes give more vitamins and nutrients to this mashed potato recipe, as well! Enjoy!

Preparation Time: 1 hour or so Serves: 8
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
United States
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