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Baked Zucchini with Dill Sauce
Tasty Summer Zucchini with Savory Dill Sauce
4 Medium Zucchini, Fresh from the Garden
1/2 cup Chicken or Vegetable broth
1/2 cup Mayonnaise
Pinch of Salt
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1 Tbls. dried Dill Weed
1 Small Lemon Wedge
1 to 2 Tbls. Cooking Sherry (optinal)


Cut the Zucchini in half and cut each half section into quarters.

Place the Zucchini sticks into a baking dish and add just enough broth to cover the bottom of the dish.

Cover the dish and bake in a 350 degree F. oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Zucchini should be checked near the end of the cooking time to be sure it is just tender and not mushy.

While the Zucchini is baking, combine the mayonnaise, the Dill Weed, Garlic Powder, just a pinch of salt and squeeze the juice of the Lemon wedge into the mixture. While the cooking sherry is optional, it adds greatly to the sauce. Blend until smooth. If sauce is too thin, more mayonnaise can be added.

The sauce should be refrigerated until the Zucchini is done to allow the flavors to blend.

Remove the Zucchini from the oven and serve with the Dill Sauce.

This can be served as an appetizer or a vegetable with a main course.

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes Serves: 4 to 6
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Dan Abbett
United States
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