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Heavenly Tteokbokki
Rice cake snack seasoned with soy sauce
Rice cakes,beef,mushrooms,carrot, cucumber,onion,egg,
,soy sauce,green onion,garlic, sesame oil,salt,pepper,honey


No more hot pepper paste!
Enjoy ‘Heavenly Tteobokki’
seasoned with mild soy sauce

Tteokbokki is one of the most popular snacks in Korea. If you think it is too hot and spicy, I strongly recommend you to cook and taste ‘Heavenly tteokbokki’, which is seasoned with mild soy sauce instead of chili pepper paste. Heavenly tteokbokki is for everyone.

Origin : Heavenly tteokbokki is the traditional version of today’s hot tteokbokki. It is also called ‘Gungjung tteobokki’, which means ‘royal palace tteokbokki’. Tteokbokki was originally served to the kings in the royal court so it was regarded as a special dish for only the high class. Tteokbokki was a highly nutritious meal because it was made of various ingredients to provide a well-balanced meal. After the Korean War, some stores in Seoul started to sell spicy tteokbokki seasoned with chili red pepper paste and it became a popular snack in Korea.
Follow these steps to make “Heavenly tteokbokki”
1. Cut rice cake roll into small pieces.
2. Put the rice cake pieces in boiling water and rinse them in cold water.
3. Spread little bit of sesame oil on them and stir.
4. Slice beef, onion and cucumber into the same length of rice cakes.
5. Put the dry mushrooms in cold water to soak and slice the mushrooms.
6. Put sliced beef and mushrooms in the bowl.
7. Season the beef and mushrooms with soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, salt, and pepper.
8. Put onion, carrots, cucumber and the cooked rice cake pieces in the frying pan.
9. Spread soy sauce, green onion, ground garlic, sesame oil, pepper, honey on the vegetables in the frying pan.
10. Mix the prepared rice cakes, beef, mushrooms and vegetables.
11. Fry the mixture until the ingredients are cooked.
12. Fry and slice the egg thinly to decorate tteokbokki before it is served.
Now you are ready to enjoy ‘Heavenly tteokbokki’.

Preparation Time: 30 Serves:
Recipe Origin: Korea
Submitted by:
Susan Park

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