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N'Awlins Red Beans n' Rice
Dried Red Kidney beans with own gravy over rice
1 lb of red kidney beans
Cooked Steamed Rice
2 tbs Chilli powder
1 large Red onion, Chopped
1 tbs Cavenderís Greek Seasoning
1/2 cup bacon grease
5 Chicken Bouillon cubes,
1/2 lbs. Bacon strips, or slab bacon chopped, or ham whatever fur seasoning.
2 Bay leaves
2tbs Coarse Black Pepper
salt to taste, usually lots!
1 Sliced med. white onion


What to do.
Place them bacon grease in them Dutch oven,,, Saute them red onions until soft, add about 12 cups water, salt, seasonings, red beans, and boil. Stir often. Cook about four hours worth, or until the beans are soft. Take them spoon and mash some of them beans fur gravy and boil some more Stir! Taste and adjust them salt, now add them white onions and heat until they soften. Shut off the gas and allow to cool to room temperature. Place them in refrigerator until tomorrow. Warm slowly stiring constantly as they have a tenancy to stick and burn. Heat red hot, serve over hot rice.

Note for red necks-n' other folks not familar with Bay Leaves -The green leaves in the red beans are for seasoning only, donít try to eat them as they taste bad sash! for sure.

Bon Appetite

Preparation Time: 2-4 hrs Serves: 6-10
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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